License Plates for Technology

FCPS has its own vanity tag, for a great cause! When you order an education license plate for your vehicle, $15 of each $40 tag goes to support school technology. The remaining $25 goes to the Maryland Vehicle Administration. (Priority tags numbered 1-19 sell for $500.)
FCPS plates are available for passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles and trucks up to ¾ ton. 
Follow these steps to drive with "FCPS Pride":
  1. Contact the executive secretary of the Finance office to obtain an “MVA Application/Certification for Organizational Plates” form and instructions. This is a multi-copy form that we will mail to you, so please provide your complete mailing address.
  2. Complete the application, following the sample provided. Fill in the proper information for your vehicle, taken from your registration card. Don't forget your signature!
  3. Make your check payable to FCPS-License Plate Program.  The fee is $40 per vehicle.
  4. Return your completed application and check to  Executive Secretary, Finance Office, 191 South East Street, Frederick, MD 21701. Do NOT mail the application to the MVA.
  5. The MVA will issue your new tags to you along with a new registration card and a new expiration sticker after FCPS has processed your form. These will come directly to your address from the MVA.
  6. Allow up to 10 weeks for this process.
  7. Return your old tags to the MVA in Frederick.
Finance Office
Executive Secretary:  Barb Haldis
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Thanks for your support!
Last Modified on December 20, 2010