Publications & Reports

Fast Facts
Fast Facts is your source for FCPS system-wide data. It features achievement, budget and enrollment numbers so you can track the changing face of FCPS. As information becomes available throughout the year, the Communication Services Division updates the page.
Budget Information
Budget information and documentation.
Testing Programs
Information about County, State and Federal exams.
Middle School Course Guide
Frederick County's middle school program reflects and celebrates this age group with unique development and education experiences. It is designed to be academically excellent, culturally and developmentally responsive, and socially equitable in order to prepare students for learning for the 21st century.
High School Course Guide - includes Career Pathways Guide (step 3)
The High School Course Guide takes a step-by-step approach to mapping out a rewarding and challenging high school experience. Parents and students are encouraged to become familiar with credit and testing requirements, use the helpful planning tools, and carefully consider the many course and program options that will lead to graduation. Then consult with school counselors, teachers and administrators to be sure your selections meet individual goals as well as diploma requirements.
Student-Athletes and Parents Guide
A guide/overview for parents and student athletes.
Calendar Handbook
This guide to the Frederick County Public Schools answers the questions most often asked about school programs, policies and procedures. It features calendar information and helpful tips about snow days, school meals and a directories section at the back.
Master Plan
All Maryland districts have been required since 2003 to develop comprehensive "Master Plans" that incorporate federal, state and local funds, goals and measurable performance standards into a comprehensive document. The original Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Master Plan was developed during the 2002-2003 school year, approved by the Frederick County Board of Education in June 2003, and subsequently approved by the Maryland State Board of Education in December 2003. Annual updates have been required in October of each year since then.
Last Modified on June 18, 2014