Parent-Teacher Conferences

FCPS invites elementary and middle school parents to schedule a parent-teacher conference to talk with your child’s teachers, ask questions and share insights and concerns on the dates listed below. The school will provide appointment information as conference time approaches.

There are no formal high school conference dates. FCPS encourages parents to contact the teacher directly as soon as any question or concern arises.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Evening Conferences.  Elementary and middle schools open 4 hours late. No Pre-K classes. High school students attend school the full day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Afternoon Conferences. Elementary and middle schools dismiss students 3-1/2 hours early. No Pre-K classes. High school students attend school the full day.


Prepare for the Conference

Talk with your child.  Ask about his or her feelings and thoughs about school and learning.  Find out what he or she may want you to discuss with the teacher.

Gather student work such as tests, homework, class work and progress reports.  Take them along to the conference and discuss. 
Think about what you would like to share with the teacher.  Consider sharing your child's interests, concerns, learning preferences and home issues.
Prepare questions to ask during the conference about:  your child's strengths, grading procedures, support you can provide, goals for improvement and services available.

Questions to Consider Asking the Teacher

What are my child's strengths and needs?
How does my child interact with other students?
Is my child working up to his or her full potential?
What skills will my child be expected to master this year?
What types of tests will be given?
How are grades determined?
What can I do at home to help my child?
How much time is spent on homework?  And what types of homework can I expect?
Other Ways to Keep in Touch
In addition to attending parent-teacher conferences, you are encouraged to communicate with teachers by phone, note, e-mail, at mid-term and report card times --- and anytime there is something you want to discuss.
You will also want to take advantage of these ways to stay in touch with your child's progress and support his or her achievement:
  • Grades Online - Track your middle or high school student's grades and assignment submissions.
  • Homework - Learn how families can support a successful homework experience.
  • Testing - Tests such as the MSA and HSA enable teachers to assess each student's achievement and tailor instruction to individual needs.

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Last Modified on June 18, 2014