FCPS Recycles!FCPS Recycles!

Frederick County Public Schools is committed to protecting the environment, including reducing the amount of waste sent to local landfills.
Paper products (office paper, newspaper, cardboard) constitute an estimated 50% of FCPS' waste by weight. The remaining recyclables comprise about 5% of the school system's waste stream.
Single-Stream Recycling  
Starting with the 2009-10 school year, FCPS is coordinating with the Frederick County government to expand its mixed-paper recycling efforts to encompass single-stream or co-mingled recycling. The program allows students and staff to deposit all recyclable bottles, cans, papers, plastics and cardboard into a single container, with no sorting required.

Many items commonly found in schools are now eligible for recycling, such as milk cartons, juice boxes, water bottles and spiral notebooks.  Find out what's recyclable here.

Blue Bins Everywhere
Nearly 2,000 bins have been distributed to classrooms, offices, cafeterias, gyms, kitchens and stadium in schools and FCPS central office buildings across the county. More bins will be delivered as the program takes off. Custodians place the bins' contents, which are contained in special liners, onto rolling carts and take them to the recycling dumpster. From there, a contractor collects the bags and takes them to the County transfer station.
Join the Effort at Home, Too
Teachers and administrators are educating students about which items can be placed in the big blue bins --- and which can't. Parents and family members can help by participating in and involving their children in Frederick County's single-stream recycling program at home. Together, we can conserve our resources and protect our environment.
Maintenance & Operations Director:
Bob Wilkinson
Energy & Recycling Coordinator:
Charles Dalphon
Executive Secretary: Tina Murray
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