The Judy Center

A Judy Center is where the needs of families are met through many different agencies. At the Frederick County Judy Center, our goal is to improve school success through early intervention and comprehensive services to families. We currently provide services to Waverley, Hillcrest and Lincoln elementary schools.
Judy Hoyer’s dream and life's work was to improve the lives of young children. Before she passed away, Judy had succeeded in shaping and enhancing the futures of thousands of students throughout Maryland. Her life shines as an example of what one individual can accomplish by boldly pursuing opportunities in the educational process to bring about positive change for children.
More a Philosophy Than a Place  Since our myriad of services could happen in any number of places, the Judy Center is more a philosophy than a specific location.  However, a significant factor in the Judy Center philosophy is to provide comprehensive services right in the school. To this end, we strive to offer as many programs and activities in each school as we can.  Our administrative offices, parent resources, ABT lending library and teacher resource libraries are located in a portable classroom on the Waverley/Rock Creek school complex.  Staff can meet with parents at the office, in the home elementary school, or during scheduled home visits.       
Eligibility & Referrals  Any individual who resides in the Waverley, Lincoln or Hillcrest school districts with a child or children from birth through kindergarten. Either an FCPS staff member or the family may contact us directly. Information about our services and contact numbers is available at school offices.


Partners  The Judy Center is unique in many ways, especially through our focus on collaboration with our partner agencies:  

Monthly coordination meetings ensure that services and efforts are not being duplicated.  All classroom programs undergo an extensive validation/accreditation process through the Maryland State Department of Education to ensure both quality programs and consistency among programs. Finally, the Judy Center strives to provide the majority of our services right in the home school.
Judy Center
Judy Center Main Office
201 Waverley Drive
Frederick, MD 21702
Fax:  240-236-8774
Cathy Nusbaum

Community Liaison (bi-lingual):
Waverley, Lincoln and Hillcrest
Karin Toth
Outreach Coordinator-Waverley/Hillcrest:
Colleen Guardia

Waverley:  240-236-8771
Hillcrest:   240-236-3240
Outreach Coordinator-Lincoln:
Kari McDaniel
Family Fun in Reading Facilitator:
Waverley, Lincoln and Hillcrest
Jo Higginbottom
Administrative Secretary:
Kay O’Hara



Last Modified on December 18, 2013